For years the global economy has been moving away from cash as a currency and towards digital payments.


What is Coinexis?

Coinexis allows consumers to convert their coins into valuable crypto currency. A jar of coins will move from having no value, into an asset that not only has a value, but one that can increase over time.

Every country in the world has the same issue of coins disappearing out of circulation resulting in huge costs to the governments who have to re-mint the coins to place back into circulation.

In our first year we will launch 1,000 machines across 10 countries, these countries have $73 billion of coins in circulation. We expect the average machine placed in malls will convert $1200 worth of coins every day - that is $36m worth of COEX coins purchased every month through our 1,000 machines once launched.

Coinexis Kiosk

Our machines are built to intelligently identify any coin inserted in a fraction of a second. Allowing machines to be placed anywhere in the world and start accepting local currency.

Once the local currency has been accepted and consumer security identified, the transaction of COEX coins to the consumer's wallet is validated on the blockchain.


Total amount of cash in circulation world-wide

$7.6 trillion+

Global amount of coins dormant



Our app

We built an application to give our COEX coin holders a clear view of the current amount of COEX they own and the USD value.

Within the app, users are able to purchase more COEX coins with online payments or vouchers with their COEX.




Blockchain Share Ownership Program

Provides the ability to generate monthly revenue from kiosk allocation via master node staking.

High Token Demand

With kiosks rolling out globally, everyone will be purchasing COEX tokens.


April 24th, 2018

Total number of tokens

1,000,000,000 COEX

Round exchange rate

1 COEX = 0.05 USD

Sale Rounds and Distribution


Coinexis Roadmap RoadMap


Genesis of the Coinexis idea


Patent feed system developed

2017 H1

Alpha version of coin kiosk developed

2017 H2

Alpha version of kiosk software developed

2018 Q1

Coinexis brand established

2018 Q2

Soft launch of Coinexis, Partnership with Mezzofy Formed

2018 Q3

Universal wallet application developed, start of ICO preparation

2019 Q1

Start of ICO & Roll out of kiosks in Thailand and Asia

2019 Q2

End of ICO, Complete integration and technical rollout of merchant pools

EOY 2019

150 Kiosks Globally

EOY 2020

300 Kiosks Globally

EOY 2021

500 Kiosks Globally

Coinexis Team Team

Coinexis has on board a varied management team with a diverse range of expert skills. Cumulatively they have vast experience in: gaming technology, mechanical engineering, hospitality, ecommerce, apps, compliance, marketplaces, payment processing, artificial intelligence, internet marketing, economics and blockchain development. Our management team has a proven track record of successfully building and expandingt million dollar companies.


Roren has spent the last two decades managing teams or operating companies in some of the more “difficult” areas of the world including Antarctica, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Seven years ago Roren came to South East Asia and started working in renewable energy / waste management as well starting his own 3D / Virtual Tour and Industrial Drone Mapping business. With a passion for start-ups and desire to bring exciting new ideas to the market, Roren has been working on several projects and building a network. The last 2.5 years his focus shifted to designing the kiosks and software solution for what is now become Coinexis. Taking this project one step further has been the alignment of the coin kiosk business within the new world of ICOs, Blockchain, and digital currencies.

Chief Strategy Officer Europe/Asia

CEO of Gussing Renewable Energy Thailand since 2010: Responsible for building the first operational DFB Gasification Plant in Nong Bua, Thailand/ partnership with Siam Cement Group (SCG). Michael is also the Founder of Aurum Bualuang Co., an F&B and Business Development company and with over 18 years’ business ventures in Thailand. Michael has been working on the proper alignment with Coinexis to larger Business aggregates for locations, vendors, and marketing staged for launch in the months ahead.

Senior Technical Consultant-Engineering

Stefan has over 30+ years in the Gaming and Kiosk development industry. Strong expertise backed by history as Trading Director at Novomatic as well as Founding Member and Managing Director of BKK Consulting Vienna and over seven years as the Co-Founder and Operational Director of EKA Limited Austria. Not only is focus on the Technical and Kiosks design and software solutions, but Stefan also brings his global network and associations within Europe with focus on Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and other countries in CEE as well as Russia and Latin and Central America.

Director of Marketing and Sales

Mike is a creative, energetic and self-motivated individual with over 7 Years of experience in the Sales and Tech industry. With a proven track record that demonstrates entrepreneur spirit, vivacious approach towards sales and extensive IT knowledge, Mike has the drive to deliver the ambitious goals set for Coinexis. Mike Major has been the Director of Sales and Business Development Lead for ButlerTech Group PTE LTD and the EMAE Sales Manager for Noction PTE LTD (Europe). Mike has the hands-on leadership quality and operational experience managing P&L, budgets and business development as well as a passion for seeing project through.

Senior Development Consultant/Hardware (Kiosk) and Software Tech

Wjatcheslaw “Slava” has over 10+ years in telecom, banking systems, and kiosk/software development. With a history as a billing systems specialist for Cybetron A.G., Slava also spent time working as an ICS for the UNODC HQ in Vienna specializing in forensic accounting and the department of anti laundering. His recent endeavors found Slava moving in the electronic money platforms when he founded E®money, s.r.o and later founded Gamayun Company, a Bratislava based technology company that focuses on Software and Hardware development with focus on Banking and Money kiosk/ gaming tech.

Technical Officer Software and Kiosk Manufacturing

Makism has over 10 years of experience in software engineering and system analyst/ production. Degrees in Engineering and IT has found him a lead Engineer for Belor-Design, the Technical director for Tesidex Ltd. And owner of IT Company IT Visata Ltd. His past experience and current work as the Technical director for Gamayun has allowed Coinexis to grow rapidly in the kiosk and software integration on global models. Maksim is also the design tech how helped develop the patent pending feed system.

Lead Business Development Thailand

Extensive retailer, supplier & agency experience across multiple disciplines including business intelligence, strategic marketing and the application of technology. Geraint “GG” has been based in South East Asia for the past 17 years where he has held positions as VP – Systems for Villa Market JP Co Ltd. and Managing Director of Aztec Informative Services Thailand. GG bring excellent network and expansion opportunities in the area of marketing, business alignment, and strategic development mapping for the expansion of business in S.E. Asia.



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